Datacenter Decommissioning

We recover value from equipment that is up to date and responsibly recycle what is no longer viable to resell.

Our staff is experienced in equipment and data handling. We can dismantle and remove from premises a single rack up to a whole datacenter. 

We specialize in servers, switches, PDUs, storage and security appliances.

  1. Recover value from your no longer needed IT assets ITAD ( IT asset disposition)
  2. All of the ValueRecovery personel is vetted and insured
  3. Careful cataloging and reporting available
  4. DATA security, all the data is wiped before the hardware is resold. You can specifiy for full data destruction if needed,
    We follow Canadian and American standards including CSE ITSP.40.006 V2 IT, R2, DoD 5220.22-M ( More information )

If you have a list of your IT assets you can send it to us for evaluation otherwise
we can come on your premises and provide you with preliminary estimate of IT Asset recovery.

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